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10 Travel Podcasts to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Sometimes it's nice to zone out and listen to someone chatting about a topic you love instead of music. Don't get us wrong, we love car karaoke but podcasts are like being in a room full of people sharing funny stories, tips and advice.

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Fresh Fish Tagine for Two

Australia is legendary for its epic fishing. Fish-rich coastlines rim the country from the cool waters of the south to the tropical top end and the worlds largest reef!

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10 Ways To Relax On a Road Trip

Sitting in a cramped car for eight hours a day, panicking that you've forgotten your socks and trying to avoid getting lost are less than ideal ways to spend a road trip. Here at JUCY, we love an adventure - but we also love to relax. We've put together our best tips on how to relax whilst you're out exploring on your JUCY adventure.

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The Ultimate 2000s Playlist

We all know and love a bit of Kelly Clarkson, Fall Out Boy and Avril Lavigne. This 2000s playlist will get everyone singing along for the most epic road trip ever!

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