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Road trips are epic no matter the weather! Just make sure you bring along these winter essentials to make the cooler months even COOLER!

Cozee Electric Hot Water Bottle

This little gadget is seriously epic, a hot water bottle that requires no filling, can be used over and over and lasts for 3-5 hours on only 13 minutes of charge! You can charge this in your JUCY USB charge port.  Seriously worth the $43.95, this product has been tested to the highest safety standards, turns off automatically (no risk of accidents!) and can be used with a NZ wool cover to extend the warmth for up to 14 hours! Buy here: Cozee

Tech-friendly Gloves

If your hands get cold but you can't resist Instagramming the view, these are for you. Perfect for keeping the cold out but making sure you can stay in touch with loved ones, and take epic photos and Google your next adventure spot! Buy now: Touchscreen Gloves

Cosy Bed Socks

Do we need to say more? Cosy bed socks are an essential on and off the road trip! Get creative and get the whole JUCY lovers crew matching pairs! Don't worry, JUCY vehicles are nice and warm but everyone loves extra warm feet! Buy here: Cosy Bed Socks


In the cold your skin can get pretty dry! Pack this little gem that will keep your skin hydrated and soft! A JUCY crew member took this skiing in Europe so we know it's up to scratch! Buy now: NIVEA Creme 13.5 Ounce

Cards Against Humanity

This game is sure to entertain - definitely not family friendly so keep this one aside when there are kids around! Sometimes the winter weather means a few hours inside the campervan, but that doesn't mean your adventure is any less EPIC! Buy now: Cards Against Humanity

Your favourite hot drink mix

With the on-board fridge and kettle, it's super easy to whip up a delicious hot chocolate to sip on as your JUCY adventure partner takes the wheel. Get super creative and bring along some whipped cream and marshmallows for a seriously awesome hot drink!

Marshmallows for roasting!

If your adventure happens to stumble across a camp site with an open fire area, then marshmallows are a must-have for a super delicious and fun desert after a long day exploring! If not, click here for a s'mores recipe - perfect to make in your JUCY campervan. 

If you're still not convinced winter camping is for you, check out our winter blog here!

Don't forget these essentials - plan ahead and check out our vehicles so you don't miss anything on the list!

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