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Port Stephens is an area north of Newcastle in New South Wales. Just a three and a half hour drive from our Sydney branch and you could be choosing from 26 beaches, hiking up epic mountains, or flinging yourself down sand dunes within a landscape that'll make you feel like you're on another planet! And that's not to mention the amazing cafes serving local produce!



Here are three things we love about Port Stephens - and three good reasons why you should add it to your bucket list!

1. Beaches galore, plus some pretty mean sunsets!

East Coast stalwarts know that a good beachy sunset isn't that easy to find, so when you do find one it's always going to be pretty special. I was lucky enough to witness one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen at Nelson Bay in Port Stephens - this west-facing patch of sand absolutely blew me away as we sat there for a few hours taking in the incredible sky which seemed to change every few minutes. I think you can agree, looking at the snaps below!

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2. The Sunrises are also pretty spectacular

Mount Tomaree is the perfect spot to a) catch a sunrise and b) get a brisk morning walk in. Talk about killing two birds! The walk is 2.2km but it is a fairly energetic walk, as you are heading up a steep mountain. I would suggest hitting the track at about half an hour before sunrise. Once you're up there, the view is absolutely breathtaking - and once you're back down, head straight to one of the lovely cafes in Nelson Bay and grab yourself a well-deserved coffee fix! 

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Nelson Bay Sand Dune Adventures is an amazing place to visit and get an adrenaline rush! They have a range of different quad bike tours - make sure you pick one that includes sandboarding! This was the most thrilling thing I have done in years - such a fun crazy day!

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