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You know what is more fun than looking at sand dunes? Hurtling across them at a million miles an hour on quad bikes! 

We were lucky enough to do just that in April this year, in a place called Port Stephens, about 2.5 hours north of Sydney. Sand Dune Adventures is a family-owned business who have been showing thrill-seekers the sand dunes for years and will guarantee you'll have an amazing time in this epic and unique landscape. 

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There's a range of different options to choose from - we went with the 1.5 hour tour that included an Aboriginal Culture talk and Sand Boarding. Sand boarding was exhilarating a great way for the group to come together and encourage each other - because we'd never done it before there was a lot of 'facing our fear' and cheering going on! 

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The Aboriginal Cultural talk was really interesting and well worth it - we learned a lot about the history of the land and how it is still used today to honour that tradition. There's some more information on the Port Stephens tourism website here