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Being a barefooted coastal baby, I don’t generally venture inland – but when I do, it’s epic. Especially with vanfest being the prize at the end of the golden road and an grand JUCY x Destination NSW with guaranteed laughs.

Like any adventure the journey is just as important as the destination. You can expect laughs, summer vibes (in winter maybe less but just channel them), mountains, festivals, coffee, wine, open roads and magical forests.

These were my favourite places to see from Sydney to Forbes/vanfest:

Lennox Bridge, Blaxland

The oldest stone arch bridge on mainland Australia. Its quiet, enchanting, magical and I love it. I was sure Tinkerbell was about to fly pass. You can drive over the bridge, pull up and follow the narrow steps through the trees and under the arch.

Lincolns Rock, Kings Tableland

Pass the typical tourist lookouts like The Three Sisters, you’ll find this lesser known gem, Lincoln’s Rock near Wentworth falls. About 1.5hrs outside of Sydney its a perfect snack stop. Jump out of the car and walk over the flat rocks looking over the Kings Tablelands. You can explore some tracks, take in the wide views or just chill and appreciate life.

Sunny Corner State Forest

I love a good wander through a forest, especially when I get to run around barefoot chasing the pockets of sunshine.


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Just past Lithgow, the forest entry isn’t signed but does show up on maps. The red track leads deep into the forest where you can venture through fallen trees. I was so excited to go barefoot here, I threw my sandals off and realised 2 days later that I had left them there. Thank you world, they were there when I got back!

Mount Canobolas, Central Tablelands

Please watch the sunrise over the tablelands from the top of Mount Canobolas. The world lit up in all shades of Orange (fitting because Orange is just around the corner). An extinct volcano, standing 1395m tall, it’s the highest peak from the Indian ocean to the Blue Mountains. You’ll see a 360-degree view of Orange, the hilly countryside and the mountains waking up.

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De Salis Winery, Orange

Pastel sunsets, fine wine and simplicity. I am a believer in minimalist living and to find a small family owned winery following this philosophy filled my heart and my glass – multiple times.

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On the northern slope of Mt. Canobolas you’ll find this manicured though rustic winery. We were lucky enough to catch an incredible sunset and run through the fields like children. I may be known to be a bit of a joker, but I would never joke about good wine with you, my friend.

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Lofty Vineyard, 125 Mount Lofty Road, Nashdale via Orange NSW 2800

A Forest in Orange

I would love to tell you where this is, but I actually don’t know how we got here. It was up a rough dirt road on the outskirts of Orange. It was good to get away from the tourist trail and explore some unknown parts of town.

The Agrestic Grocer, Orange

Coffee time! Just like good wine, I don’t joke about good coffee. You can pick up some local supplies for the road here, and might as well get a red velvet cake while you’re there too.

426 Mitchell Hwy, Orange NSW 2800

Vanfest, Forbes

A festival filled with vanlifers all gathering to enjoy great music without the big crowds. You can actually see the artists without having to be pushed up into the sweaty backs of the people in front of you.