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10 Ways To Relax On a Road Trip

Sitting in a cramped car for eight hours a day, panicking that you've forgotten your socks and trying to avoid getting lost are less than ideal ways to spend a road trip. Here at JUCY, we love an adventure - but we also love to relax. We've put together our best tips on how to relax whilst you're out exploring on your JUCY adventure.

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Phillip Island Nature Park

Just a two hour drive from our JUCY Melbourne branch is Phillip Island, a nature park with four major attractions. Home to penguins, fur seal, koalas...

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A Guide to Road Tripping Responsibly

The Australian environment is stunning. The country is clean and green and we want to keep it that way for future travellers to enjoy! Here's a guide of what you can do to offer mother nature a helping hand.

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15 Australian National Parks You Must Visit

With over 28 million hectares of land designated as national parkland, Australia's National Parks are where you go to experience the country's finest. Hire a JUCY and get out there to explore the 15 Australian National Parks you must visit!

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10 Road Trip Essentials

Over our years of adventuring, we've discovered some items which are pretty handy for life on the road. Here are 10 items that'll make your JUCY road trip even more enjoyable!

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Our 5 Favourite BIG4 Holiday Parks

Adventuring is exhausting so it's important you have a nice place to rest and relax at the end of a long day! BIG4 Holiday Parks have you covered for comfortable, affordable accommodation with friendly staff, epic locations, stunning grounds, and awesome facilities.

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