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15 Australian National Parks You Must Visit

With over 28 million hectares of land designated as national parkland, Australia's National Parks are where you go to experience the country's finest. Hire a JUCY and get out there to explore the 15 Australian National Parks you must visit!

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5 Reasons To Road Trip Alone

The idea of travelling solo sounds scary but, in reality, there are so many perks to becoming a lone ranger! Here are just 5 reasons why you should at least give it a go.

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10 Road Trip Essentials

Over our years of adventuring, we've discovered some items which are pretty handy for life on the road. Here are 10 items that'll make your JUCY road trip even more enjoyable!

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How to Live JUCY in Winter!

Winter is officially upon us! Don't let the weather stop you from getting out there to explore the world. Here are our top tips for surviving a winter road trip!

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Last year we partnered with Outback Queensland for a ‘Win your family time back’ competition. Two lucky families won a JUCY Condo hire so they could explore the Queensland outback themselves. Here's what they got up to on their Aussie adventure!

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Our 5 Favourite BIG4 Holiday Parks

Adventuring is exhausting so it's important you have a nice place to rest and relax at the end of a long day! BIG4 Holiday Parks have you covered for comfortable, affordable accommodation with friendly staff, epic locations, stunning grounds, and awesome facilities.

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A Long Weekend in Noosa

Less than 2 hours drive from Brisbane, Noosa is the perfect place to relax and explore over a long weekend! Whether you're looking for looking for action, or are keen to just chill out, there is plenty to experience!

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Improve your grilled cheese game with this epic recipe for Vegan Jalapeno Grilled Cheese! In this post, professionally trained chef and bloggers, Grecia, of Salt and Leisure, shares her spicy, vegan take on a classic. The results are crunchy, melty, and delicious - what more could you want?

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