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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and couples everywhere are scrambling to buy gifts and plan romantic evenings. We never need an excuse to go on an adventure but, if you need one, Valentine's Day sounds good! Treat the celebration as an excuse for a weekend excursion and plan a romantic road trip for you and your significant other to spend some quality time together, away from home. Here are 5 ways to make your road trip more romantic. 

  • Destination
    Start off by picking the destination. With so many stunning places to choose from, and complete freedom with a JUCY vehicle, it can be easier said than done! A good spot is somewhere that has significance or meaning in your relationship - think, the place you met or took your first holiday to. If you don’t already have a special place, now’s the time to create one! You can’t go wrong with heading to a location you’d both like to visit or that is known for an activity you both love. Aim for a maximum of 4 hours driving each day as this'll allow plenty of time for relaxing or making pit stops. 
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  • Route and stops
    Once you’ve picked your destination, it’s time to plan your route! We believe in taking the scenic route because the beauty’s in the journey, not the destination. Do lots of research to see what route options you have and what pit stops you can make along the way. Be sure to make note of: look out points that have incredible views of the sunset; vineyards that do wine tastings; and beaches, lakes and parks for picnicking. Allow extra time so you can stop at spots that pique your interest as you pass by.

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  • Create a bespoke playlist
    Make a playlist full of your favorite songs, your significant other's favorite songs, and songs that have meaning in your relationship. Be sure to include some classics for belting out at the top of your lungs. If you’re struggling to build your own playlist, check out some of the love themed ones available on Spotify. Our favourites are:

50 Shades of Love 
Acoustic Love
Romantic Ballads

  • Prepare romantic food
    Food creates the mood! While all JUCY campervans and motorhomes have well kitted out kitchens, with all you need to cook up a storm, on a romantic getaway, it's a good idea keep things simple so you're not spending your limited time preparing food and cleaning up. In our eyes, you can't go wrong with selection of cheeses and crackers accompanied by a nice glass of wine. Alternatively, make a dinner reservation at a local restaurant or have takeaways delivered to your campground!

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  • Must haves
    Be prepared! Your JUCY campervan or motorhome comes with all the essentials and lots of extras - check out what your vehicle comes with on the vehicle information page. We've got you covered with bedding for snuggling while stargazing but, we suggest you bring a picnic rug, some battery powered fairy lights, and all the essentials - there is nothing quite like realizing you forgot toilet paper to kill the mood. Check out the JUCY Australia Packing List for some guidance. 

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There are loads more ways to make a road trip romantic, you just need to get creative! Enjoy your time exploring the world and each other. 

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