Relocations with JUCY

FREE Tank of Fuel
per day
FREE Tank of Fuel
per day
FREE Tank of Fuel
per day

Relocation FAQ

Do you have a relocation waiting list?
Due to high demand for these offers, it would be very difficult to maintain a waiting list, therefore we do not have one. However you can Follow us on Twitter & keep up to date with our deals.
Are you able to let us know in advance about the relocation deals?
When these deals come up as part of JUCY’s requirements, they are listed on our website immediately. Due to high demand, we cannot let you know in advance, but keep checking our website or follow us on Twitter
How often are these deals put up? 
These deals are put up when JUCY requires these vehicles in another location. Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with our deals
Can I request a specific relocation?
We can only offer the specials listed on our website. These specials only come up as a result of JUCY requirements, so we are not able to offer anything other than what has been listed
Are we able to extend the hire?
Yes, however it is subject to availability. You may be able to hirer the vehicle for additional days, at a higher rate. You will need to call our Reservations team to discuss this further 
Are we able to pick up the vehicle before the relocation date starts?
Yes, however it is subject to availability and you do need to call our Reservations team to discuss this further.  The booking still needs to be made through the website
What is included in the specials? 
This varies for each deal, from $1 per day or free tank of fuel. It is important to read the information carefully, so you know what is included
How do I book this deal in?
All relocation specials are available online only and need to be booked in through our website 
What does free tank of fuel mean and how does that work?
When you collect your vehicle, your vehicle will have full tank of fuel. When you drop the vehicle of, you can drop it off empty
What is included in the free vehicle on ferry? 
We include the cost of the car on the ferry in the relocation deal. You will still need to pay for each passenger travelling on the ferry
How do we book the ferry? 
To book the vehicle & any passengers on the ferry, you need to contact our reservations team or the branch at the time of pickup of the vehicle and they will make the booking for you
What is included in my daily rate e.g. $1 per day? 
The daily rate includes unlimited millage and Risk Taker insurance, which has a standard excess as follows:
$2,000 for cars in NZ & $3,000 for cars in AU
$3,000 excess for Cabana’s, Condo’s & Sleeper’s
$5,000 excess for Casa’s 
To reduce the excess to $0 you will need to pay an additional daily fee.